Women Suffer Foot Problems For Sake Of Fashion, Marc Blatstein

Marc BlatsteinIn this day and age people will do whatever they can for the sake of fashion. A recent article Marc Blatstein found in the Daily Mail UK talked about women choosing to wear high heels even despite aching pain that they continually experience. High heels s5come with a certain appeal that make women feel like they have longer legs, a better body type, and more confidence. Although you may feel like you exude a sexier appeal, you are more likely damaging your feet in the process. According to the College of Podiatry, “nine in ten UK women suffer from foot problems at some point (around 20  million), with almost half admitting to wearing shoes that are uncomfortable… for the sake of fashion.”

High heels can cause numerous problems to your feet. Some issues are hammer toe, morton’s neuroma, Haglund’s deformity, ankle injuries, bunions and metatarsalgia joint pain in the ball of your feet. Not only do high heels impact your feet but they can also effect your posture says Dr Marc Blatstein, your knee, calf, and achilles tendon. As the height of the heel increases so does the amount of pressure being exerted on your feet and pain.

Most people don’t take into consideration how much s3really impact your body let alone your feet. Women don’t realize that they could be impacting their body and they won’t feel the effects till years later when they’re older.

As times change and as culture evolves hopefully people will see the negative impacts of high heels. It amazes me how women could enjoy wearing high heels. More often than not you see them holding them in their hands because they can’t bare wearing them for long durations.