About Marc Blatstein

Marc BlatsteinMarc Blatstein is a graduate of George Washington University, where he got his BA in Psychology. He then went to Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, obtaining a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Degree. Dr. Marc Blatstein had a residency in Podiatric Medicine and would later go on to have a practitioner career that spanned more than 22 years.

Manicures and pedicures together make up a six billion dollar a year industry, and according to Marc Blatstein, both have a few things in common. They have the power to make an appealing outcome, or a medical bad dream.  Marc Blatstein feels that with the information that is so widely accessible on the internet, you as a consumer can become more authorized and knowledgeable.

Marc Blatstein, Podiatrist

Marc Blatstein would like to inform you about your health care, especially when it comes to your feet. With more than 22 years of experience as Podiatrist, Marc has seen it all. To start, there are a few things you should know when dealing with your feet: shaving calluses should only been done by a physician who is qualified. In most states, it is prohibited unless the person is licensed and trained in the medical field. Marc Blatstein believes the best time to receive your pedicure is in the morning and before your legs have been shaved.

In recent years the industry the industry and public are both taking a more active role. The consumers are making the effort by bring their own instruments already cleaned to their appointment and salons are starting to utilize medical grade autoclaves to ensure their sterility.

He also feels that the next time your at your salon, you should check to see if it looks clean.  Is there a sanitation log that is up-to-date? Where do they keep their instruments and how do they keep them clean?  These are just a couple of things you should ask your self.

Dr Marc Blatstein will continue to write and include tips on all  aspects of foot/lower extremity health.