Podiatry Firm Shaking Up The Industry

Marc BlatsteinOne podiatry firm in shaking up the industry across an entire continent.

My FootDr Podiatry Centers, an Australian based organization, is looking to grow its innovative practices all around the country, says co-founder Darren Stewart.

“We have a unique brand of podiatry which is different from the traditional ‘wait and see approach,’” Stewart told reporters in an interview with the Brisbane Times. “People want to be treated quickly these days and now we can do in half an hour what used to take two to three weeks with our focus on innovation and new technology.”

According to the article, Stewart, along with his partner Greg Dower, has big plans for the future of podiatry in Australia. Among them, the author writes, is the development of a multi-disciplinary hospital focused on foot and lower-limb ailments.

“Brisbane is going to be a hub for Australia, all our work we’ve done out of Brisbane, but we want to take our services around the country,” Stewart told the Times.

A focus on cutting-edge technology is central to My FootDr, the author writes. Everything from the latest technology in foot-care to social media and internet marketing campaigns.

For example, Dower told the author that the two have “pioneered computer aided design/computer aided manufactured orthotics (CAD/CAM) in Australia which is far quicker than using a traditional plaster to work out the structure of feet.”

Dower also talked about new treatments he and his partner have developed, specifically, “the PinPointe FootLaser, for example, which is basically a laser that zaps fungus growth on and under the nail,” Dower said. “With other treatments there can be complications such as damage to the liver from taking medication, and some rub on treatments don’t always work, but this laser goes through the nail to warm up the fungus and kill it at the source.”

The article goes on to say that while Dower and Stewart are based firmly in Australia, they have also ventured to Southeast Asia and Singapore with great success.